Cacha Art Hotel

For all you who are wanderlusting, remember that no matter where you’re coming from or what you’re looking for, every adventure in Bangkok starts with a good night’s sleep. So on behalf of all of our staff, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Choose Your Style

Five ways to stay at Cacha Art Hotel. Five ways to be inspired.

Cacha's Rooms

Art is not what you see,

it’s what makes you feel. That’s why we commissioned each Cacha room with many famous local street artists to turn each room into a work of art.

A work of art. With works of art.


Ur Hotel


Converted from an old shop house, Cacha Art Hotel is now an industrially designed building that exemplifies personality, creativity, and most of all, hospitality.

Hello Bangkok

In this city, everything needs to be seen to be believed. So rest up, wake up, and get up.


ow to get here

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