Welcome To
Cacha Art Hotel

Located in the center of Bangkok, our hotel provides easy access for explorers to see and taste everything Bangkok has to offer. Discover the one of a kind energy of one of Southeast Asia’s most electric cities from the relaxed comfort of one of Cacha Art Hotel’s many rooms.

Cacha is a poetic Thai word meaning "Elephant",

which explains why there are images and motifs of elephants throughout the hotel. The Cacha Art Hotel, which was converted from an old shophouse, combines the unique style of the industrial look of modern Thai design with the rustic charm of wooden logs taken from an old railway that were used to build our hand-drilled bed heads, floors, and rooftop.

In order to create a
truly unique

Atmospheric art hotel we collaborated with seven renowned South East Asian street artists who created the beautiful artwork featured in all the rooms and the public areas of the hotel.

With this unique blending of art, modern Thai design, and timeless local culture, we have created a distinctive, relaxing and fun experience for our guests. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us!

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